Radiomuse #6

Radio Campus Angers

This week, Radio Campus Angers is taking you to Angers, member of Radio Campus France. If the city had more of a rock aesthetic in the 90s, its musical scene kept expand over the years and is now made of plenty of bands and artists in almost every musical genre. So today, RadioMuse highlights Zenzile, an inconic dub band active since 1996, the new generation of pop-influenced bands with Jumaï and Kiss Doom Fate, STAV, one of the most famous rapper in town, and Red Sharp, a modern soul jazz band.

Artists & links :



Kiss Doom Fate


Red Sharp

Playlist :

Arno Gonzalez – The Break
Zenzile – Der Verkher
Zenzile – So Good So Far
Jumaï – Spectro
Jumaï – Loneliness
Kiss Doom Fate – Original Vortex
Kiss Doom Fate – The One Who Knows
Rezinsky – Elephant
Rezinsky – Nuits Blanches
Red Sharp – Walk In The Row
Red Sharp – Sand
Arno Gonzalez – The Break

Producer : Thibault LABARTHE LUSSON

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