Radiomuse #17

his week, Radio Student Zagreb brings you a small selection of what the Croatian underground scene offers. As a special feature we spoke to Lucija Sever from Seven Mouldy Figs and Dino Grgurić a young but experienced festival and event organizer – known mostly for Velvet Festival on the island of Krk. Also, we presented a wide range of fresh and active artists: The Lesser Men, Đutko, Trophy Jump, Truth ≠ Tribe and Chui. 


The 17th edition of the cooperative program Radio Muse is prepared by Radio Student Zagreb. This show we tried to do something a little different where we, along with a central band for the show Seven Mouldy Figs, we also hosted Dino Grgurić, a young but an experienced independent music and festival organizer – most commonly known as the organizer of Velvet Festival on island of Krk. 

Also, we covered other bands and artists:

The Lesser Men is an alternative rock band from Zagreb that started out heavily influenced by the 80’s and the synth pop movement but now they’ve turned their sound on its head. Now they draw influence from the likes of Mark Lanegan and Tom Waits to bring a spectral sonic experience. We played their song called Trilogy which features Irena Žilić on vocals.

Chui is a jazz band that plays and excels in whatever type of music they turn their heads to. So, you can often hear funk, jungle and even dub. They are famous for playing a concert with the Symphonic Orchestra and playing with one of the most famous older artists Josipa Lisac. 

We hosted Lucija Sever the singer, songwriter and guitarist from Seven Mouldy Figs, a phenomenal alternative and psychedelic rock band. Vigor talked with Lucija about dirty guitar playing, studio recording and live shows, as well as being a female band on the male-dominated scene. 

Next up, we had Đutko. He describes his music as turbo pop, although a bit enigmatic, you can hear funk and dance music in new modern indie package. His lyrics and his style is humorous but with clear goal in mind – to make you pay attention.

Then we had another special interview with Dino Grgurić, the organizer of Velvet Festival on Krk. Dino told us about his reasons to being in a business that doesn’t pay much but takes a lot from you. 

Trophy Jump is a punk band that originated from the Jeboton collective. They’ve been on two tours covering half of Europe and UK. They are down to earth guys that write honest and real emotional punk sounds about life, love and death.

Last band on this show was Truth ≠ Tribe (Truth not Tribe). They are a very complex instrumental quartet, that dances through styles and moods to push the limits of what instrumental music can be. 



Chui (Dancing Bear)

Seven Mouldy Figs


Trophy Jump

Truth ≠ Tribe (Hitchtone Music & Promotion)


The Lesser Men – Trilogy feat. Irena Žilić (References, Reflections, Revelations, self-released, 2019)

Chui – Sila Mi Je (Iz Kapetanovog Dnevnika, Dancing Bear, 2019)

Seven Mouldy Figs – Purgatory (Labyrinth, self-released, 2016)

Đutko – Karate (single, self-released, 2019)

Trophy Jump – Leather Couch (single, self-released 2019)

Truth ≠ Tribe – We never… (Distances, Hitchtone Music & Promotion, 2019)

RADIO (HYPERLINK) & COUNTRY: Radio Student (, Zagreb, Croatia

Interviews by Vigor Vukotić

Read and hosted by Ivan Kolar

Produced by Ivan Vlašić

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