Prva oddaja iz nove serije Indie-Re v okviru projekta Radiomuse. V seriji Indie-Re v produkciji in mednarodni izmenjavi radijske vsebine sodelujemo ljubljanski Radio Študent, Radio Popolare di Milano, francoska mreža Radio Campus in Radio Corax iz Halleja v Nemčiji ...


Radio Študent from Ljubljana, the capital city of Slovenia is a 50-year old student radio station, still dedicated to promoting alternative music. This broadcast is a radio show brought to you by the Radiomuse network as a part of the project Indi-Re, in which we are covering and sharing the news about new releases of local quality non-mainstream music. Worth mentioning are also our 3 partners: this broadcast is transmitted either from Radio Popolare di Milano, from the network Radio Campus France, from Radio Corax, Halle, Germany or - as mentioned - from Radio Študent in Ljubljana.

Your hosts for this Radio Show are Andrej and Erik and as understood this show is about our local, Slovenian artists. For this first edition we spotlight the indie rock band In the Attic, the darker dub of the duo Darla Smoking, the sweet electronic beats of the producer Kanomotis and the prolific dubstep label DeepEnd!, the folk orchestra Bakalina Velika and last but not least the jazzcore sounds of Koromač

The show starts with the indie rock band In the Attic, who have joined us in the studio after releasing their latest EP titled New Fears. From this release we also played the tracks Good News and Cosmonaut. We also played music by Darla Smoking, a dark dub experimental duo/band formation featuring live drumming and electronics/modular sounds from Brgs and Nac. We played music released on their 2019 record Extinct which was published by the Ljubljana based record label KAPA Records.

Next we focused on the electronic dub from the young, 20-something year old producer Kanomotis. He actually signs his name under different pseudonyms, but this one is worth mentioning not only because of his cool and detailed sounds, but also because he represents a prolific electronic label called DeepEnd! DeepEnd has a strong visual appearance and it is definitely one of the more noticable up-and-coming record labels in Slovenia. It covers a stable and slow growing number of young electronic musicians – Flo, Gisaza, CLZ, Pier and others, amongst them also Kanomotis. We played Kanomotis songs from one of two DeepEnd compilations and from his Nostalgia EP released on the London based label Romulus Records.

Next up we focused on the folk orchestra like no other, named Bakalina Velika. Bakalina is a folk word for a bowl made of clay. Bakalina started as a two man band of Jani Kutin on vocals and Renata Lapajne on accordeon, but later spread into a septet, adding five wonderful musicians and creating one of the best Slovenian albums of 2019, the album Prvi Krajec, which means the first quarter (of the moon). From this albu we played the song White waters, Biele wade.

And last but not least, at the end of 2019 we witnessed another breaking release, this one more in the field of jazz. In the last segment of the show we played a track from the Slovenian jazzcore band Koromač. Koromač is otherwise a herb, in english called florence fennel, which is put into salads, but the important thing is it's spicyness, which the band transformed into a mixture of punk, jazz and improvised music. Koromač have celebrated 10 years of existence in 2019 and for this special occasion they were invited to play a concert at the internationally profiled jazz festival in Cerkno, amidst the Slovenian mountains, which they also recorded and later released in collaboration with the festivals record label as the album titled Kontrapunk. From this release we played the song Get the Fuck Out.



In the Attic

Darla Smoking


Bakalina Velika


Deep End!



01. In the Attic - Good News (3:59) (EP New Fears; selfreleased, 2019)
02. In the Attic - Cosmonaut (3:40) (EP New Fears; selfreleased, 2019)
03. Darla Smoking - Harvest (4:23) (album Extinct; KAPA Records, 2019)
04. Darla Smoking - Sandcry (4:00) (album Extinct; KAPA Records, 2019)
05. Kanomotis - Acid (4:05) (comp 2K Compilation; Deep End!, 2018)
06. Kanomotis - Nostalgia (4:39) (EP Nostalgia; Romulus Records, 2019)
07. Bakalina Velika - Biele wade (4:55) (album Prvi krajec; Čadrg Records, 2019)
08. Koromač - Get the Fuck Out (7:12) (album Kontrapunk; PureZen Records/Jazz Cerkno Records, 2019)


Produced by Radio Študent (, Slovenija

prepared by Erik Kerpan, Andrej Pervanje; sound mixing by Samo Pavlica Linč; announced by  Erik Kerpan, Andrej Pervanje

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