Gramofonoteka Sound System, dvanajstič. Hiphopamo z DJ NBGT-jem in Gisstrom Banchom. V etru in v živo. Poleg visiva Chuck Z in YNGFirefly. Čekiraut!

Uredništvo, 24. 3. 2023 20:02, IndieRE

The 51st episode of IndieRe is brought to you by Near FM in Dublin, produced and presented by Neil Farrelly. In this episode we showcase some of the best up and coming Irish artists. Ireland is currently a hot bed of acts breaking through internationally, from Fontaines DC, Gilla Band and The Murder Capital, to Sorcha Richardson, Lankum and Lisa O'Neill, there are new artists from all genres making waves all the time. Here we showcase some bands we think are great and you will also hear more about into the future.

Uredništvo, 24. 3. 2023 18:46, IndieRE

In the 50th edition of IndieRe we take you on a ride through the exciting music of Germany’s alternative and independent scene, we’ve collected a truckload of current releases for you. We start with an interview and two songs from the dream pop duo She Owl about their new record Invisible Heart, continue with punk, spiced up with delight effects by Splizz and Sharizza. From here we take a turn to electronic, wavy and funky music by Tomy Suil and Zouj, at this point we make a little stop to invent our category called »fesch« to show you the German pop artist Nand with his song Dachlatte.

Ivan Žibert, 24. 3. 2023 17:01, Atentat na sluh

Pasmaters - noia.

Duplo truplo - šuplo truplo, crustpunk/hardcore duet iz Novega Mesta.
• Komadi: crveni makovi, baba roga.

We are doomed - evolved into ruin EP, crustgrind bend iz Nemčije.
• Komadi: warlordism, race to the bottom.

Noxire - to be mine singel, vzet iz albuma very veracious, bend iz Celja.
•Komadi: to be mine.

Simon Marčič, 24. 3. 2023 15:06, DISakord

Simon v DISakord, šestinštiridesetič.


Arüspex - Hallowed Days
Vileness - Global Cry
Vileness - Gobshite
Terrorvälde - Tédio
Sacred Games - Golden Cage
Sacred Games - Fight Back



Die Wasted - Wasteland Fugitives
Children Of Technology - Under The Ripping Storm
Bastardator - Monks Of Medmenham
Zaraza - Apokalipsis


Tetsu Arrey - No Machine Trouble

Uredništvo, 17. 3. 2023 19:09, IndieRE

Onda Local de Andalucía (EMA-RTV) from Sevilla, Spain, is an association of local and community regions from the Southern Spain (Andalucía), we are a community of ninety radios. Furthermore, we have some partnerships all over the country, such as REMC (the acronym for Spanish Community Media Net). REMC is airing IndieRe broadcasts on some of their radio stations along the country as well.

Uredništvo, 17. 3. 2023 19:04, IndieRE

In the 49th episode of IndieRe broadcast edited by Radio Student from Zagreb we'll present some fresh releases by well-known members of Zagreb alternative scene but we will also showcase a few artists currently at the very beginning of their musical path. The first one is an indie pop rock band Paul The Walrus from Zagreb. We'll listen to the interview with their singer, songwriter and producer Borna Mijolović who will present their first album Sunset Clause released last autumn and first time played live this February.

Jan Podbrežnik, 16. 3. 2023 14:01, Mikser

Amerikanerji Protomartyr in otožni kitarski štikl Make Way, londonski zajebanti Warmduscher in wacky ljubavna Love Strong, ter beogradski komplet Keni nije mrtav, ki jih v Mikserju slišite v indie handjobu Pod tvojim prstima.

Slobodan Stanković, 14. 3. 2023 09:58, Radio Cobi

Keni je pank, pank nije mrtav, Keni nije mrtav.

U novoj cobizodi se Slobodanu pridružuje i Mateja, pevač benda Keni nije mrtav. Razgovaraju o fluidnosti žanrova, novoj pesmi, Kenijevom viđenju panka, ali i mnogim drugim stvarima.

Celi intervju će biti dostupan za slušanje u 20.40 na sledećem linku: Intervju sa Keni nije mrtav

Enajsta edicija Gramofonoteka Sound System je spešl: Simon "Tristan" Plazar in Urban "YNGFirefly" Senekovič šoukejsata lani oživljeno Paniko, Firefly pa še mariborsko sceno ter lastne pretekle in prihajajoče izdaje. Z gostujočima didžejema klepeta in se druži Zinedin "Chuck Z" Osmanović.