Simon Marčič, 25. 8. 2022 13:49, DISakord

Simon v DISakordu, enaintridesetič.


Liquid Supercharge - Soul Charger
Liquid Supercharge - Pretty Killer
Wolfbrigade - Anti-Tank Dogs
Kreuzung - Die Wonnen der Aspidistra
Tortura - Ni Héroes No Patria
Tortura - Herida
Hexoffender - This Hell


Cönclusiön - War Never Ends
Krigblast - Evil Is Burning
Heädshöt - Party In Hell
Asocial - Egoshit 
Totälickers - Control Total


Ivan Žibert, 19. 8. 2022 16:11, Atentat na sluh

Antidote - i don't care.

Šafla - a glimpse into the future, noisecore duet iz Pivke/Trbovlja. Bend hkrati sestavlja tudi najljubkejši gejevski par na grind/punk sceni in to sta Mr. Slave, ali po domače kar Vanja in dr. Hate ali David.
•Komadi: 5 komadov čistega ne-verstva v nepremičninski trg, KRHC/katra hardcore, eu disability card.

Dispara - neo obscurantismo 3d, powerviolence bend iz Čila.
• Komadi: cel EP, ki traja kanček več kot 3 minute.

Simon Marčič, 19. 8. 2022 00:22, DISakord

Simon v DISakordu, tridesetič, jupi!


Disraid - Metal Fatigue
Disraid - State Of Decay
Depopulation Department - Condemned To Extinction
Occhiolist - Nightmare
Exist Enslaved - Sanity For Sale
Saccage - Avarice Du Gras
Warand - Eat the rich


Simon Marčič, 18. 8. 2022 17:13, DISakord


Disconfect - Disarm or Die
Zodiak - War Perverts
Zodiak - Zodiak
Ruined Age - For The Worse
Tormentum - Ultimo Respiro
Katorga - War Of The Future
Tötenwolf - Ghouls Are Back In Town


Thulsa Doom - Government Pizza
Cluster Bomb Unit - Wut
Disprove - Not What You Said
Discard - Condemned To Oppression
Dystopia - Control All Delete


Colony Drop - Mobile Suit All-Out Attack

Radio Študent, 12. 8. 2022 22:45, IndieRE

In this edition of IndieRE we are visiting Slovenia’s alternative and underground scene and various albums released in the past couple of months. From afrobeat collective Nesesari Kakalulu’s newest album, P’Jays and Kavasutra, two bands mixing together elements of jazz and rock. Then Zajtrk, a folk chanson duo, will follow, and the TRITE Sound label with their most recent compilation of electronic music, simply titled 8, to the promising death metal band Siderean with their debut LP.

Vlasta Milovič, 10. 8. 2022 21:47, Zlata plata

V avgustovski Zlati plati spoznavamo album Pepper's Pow Wow iz leta 1971, avtorja Jima Pepperja, sicer američana staroselskega porekla.

Uredništvo, 10. 8. 2022 20:22, Glasba

Ta teden v Radiu Goethe:
Eisbrecher: Nein Danke
Rammstein: Armee der Tristen
The Black Cheetahs: Rails of Rust
End of Green: Cure my pain
Testify: Under the cold moon
Lucy Kruger and the Lost Boys: Risk
Honey for Petzi: Écoute
Fehlfarben: Kontrollorgan
Dina Summer: Mars
The Blackberries: The Moor
The Blackberries: Modern Musketeer
Unhappybirthday: Überall

Radio Študent, 6. 8. 2022 02:45, IndieRE

Hi everyone, you are listening to RADIOMUSE, an exchange program between European radio stations from all across Europe. This program, initiated in 2019, returns with a new name : Radio muse indieRE - Independent Radio Exchange. It allows to discover musics, locals bands, and independents artists. For this time, you are listening to Radio Campus Clermont-Ferrand.


Today, we’re going to hear five artists from Clermont-Ferrand :


- R R O B I N, an EDM DJ

- Dub Shepherds, a dub music collective

Ivan Žibert, 5. 8. 2022 11:23, Atentat na sluh

Special duties - violent society.

Sindrome de abstinencia - peripecia EP, thrash/hardcore punk bend iz Čila.
•Komadi: incertidumbre, no cuenten conmigo.

Nukies - can't you tell that this is hell?, hardcore punk bend iz Stockholma.
• Komadi: nightmare, nothing left to lose.

Pulvinar - excessive suffering, crustgrind bend iz Aucklanda, Nova Zelandija.
•Komadi: gaunt, tensions heightened.

Radio Študent, 29. 7. 2022 22:45, IndieRE

Katharina Ernst and Alexander Yannilos are two drummers from Vienna. Both developed a unique approach to their instrument, the drum kit. They mostly play experimental music and have various musical backgrounds.