Najboljše Izdaje Prve Polovice Leta 2016

Najboljše izdaje prve polovice leta 2016 po izboru glasbenega uredništva radia MARŠ.
13 najzanimivejših tujih, 2 pol-domači in 5 domačih izdaj.

Komentira Oskar.

Parquet Courts - Berlin Got Blurry

Human Performance

DIIV - Yr Not Far

Is The Is Are

Fat White Family - Whitest Boy On The Beach

Songs of Our Mothers

Suuns - UN-NO


Clipping - Hot Fuck No Love (feat. Cakes da Killa & Maxi Wild)


Saul Williams - The Noise Came From Here


Comet is Coming - Journey Through the Asteroid Belt

Channel the Spirits

Sunwatchers - Herd of Creeps


Liima - Amerika


Nonkeen - Animal Farm

The Gamble

The Claypool Lennon Delirium - Breath of a Salesman

Monolith of the Phobos

The Bas Lexter Ensample - Where can I turn to

TBLE Summer EP

Anohni - Drone Bomb Me


Damir Avdić - 51


Gramatik - Room 3327


Your Gay Thoughts - La Femme

Single La Femme

Blaž - Don't Listen To This

Don’t Listen To This

Jimmy Barka Experience - Crache la Douleur Re-Twist

Stolen Boats

Litošt - Downhill

Time Fabric Silkworms

Persons from Porlock - Slasher Flick

Things people don’t like


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