IndieRE #43 by Radio Corax, Halle

In our last show, we take a musical look back on this year 2021. In the first part we talked to many local musicians, and asked them what their music highlights were. The songs and voice messages are cut together into a collage by Ben. In the other part, Luise Talked with Theresa, a musician, artist and radio host, and as always we researched some local and recently published music.

FEATURED ARTIST – SONG (Album Title, Label, Year)

Church Of Mental Enlightement – Forces Of The Underground (The Truth / Dec 2021)

Federhall – Konstanten & Aufruhr (Single/ Feb 2021)

Cosey Mueller – Antisozial (Interior Escapes/ July 2021)

Kryptkeeper – Requiem (Endless Rain/August 2020)

DJ*Epic – Welche Sorte von der Torte (Selfcare is auch Arbeit/ July 2021)

WAX LEGS – Side A (Pleasure & Pain/November 2021)

Double Job – Befugnisse (Reprise) (Ohne Tanzen Planen/ Mamgel Records/ November 2021)

Highway Patrol – Safari & Kinky Cotton (Safari Babe/ November 2021)

EGG IDIOT – Barf Life/ Check out my new Song (EGG IDIOT/ May 2021)

MC Müllsaft – intro (Mixed and recorded by MC Müllsaft in the Müllcontainer/June  2021)

Soccermoms – Peak Performance (January 2021)

planets are on it – Hilfe ich bin dumm (Wie Alle: Ständig Stinken /w Dispo / July 2021)

Slander Tounge – Lockdown (Ride EP/ March  2021)

EVÎN – Undefined   (written and produced by EvÎn, Jako, Karl Kindermann/ Noveber 2021)

Hildegard von Binge Drinking – Diät (Sprechfunk mit Toten/ December 2021)

Poky – Fortress Lipsa (Of Bits & Pieces/ October 2021)

Eazy  -  Serious Crush (U-Back/ 2021)


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Benjamin Brumme

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