Indie-Re #18 by Radio Student, Zagreb

In this edition of IndieRe, Radio Student from Zagreb, Croatia brings you a fresh selection of artist that have been active through the quarantine period. As a special feature we had an interview with Kornel Šeper, the bassist of the experimental band Šumski, but not only that, he is a promotor, concert organizer and an ex record label manager. He currently works in one of our most prominent clubs in Zagreb called Močvara. We also presented some distinguished artists such as Mark Mrakovčić, Delapse, Kevlar Bikini and Nemanja.

Once again we thrived to bring you a range of quality alternative artist active in this hard period.

We started the show with the zagreb based producer and artist Mark Mrakovčić. He started performing with his band called Scroll back around 2005. Mark had a big ambition and interest in recording his bands music and started learning about music production. As he got better, more and more local bands startet hiring him for recording. Through years of dedicated work Mark became one of the top underground producers on the scene, recording and mixing many of the bands that we covered through the Radio Muse programme. Even though his own music fell behind, he never stopped writting and after some time. In the beginning of june Mark released an album called Breeding Black Sheep, consisting of 8 songs, the album is just 21 minutes long. It is a raw indie rock album played wholly by him.

Nemanja is a band formed by Luka Šipetić who wrote the album in Pula in Istria, it is an instrumental album that really came to its own in the past few months after selling out a venue in Zagreb for the album promotion. The album is called Tarot Funk and features a lot of different musical styles in an LP package. With many latin american samples and catchy melodies Nemanja became one of our most critically acclaimed alternative artist.

For our special feature we recorded an interview with Kornel Šeper and covered his band Šumski. Šumski is an alternative experimental band that started being active through war years in Zagreb. They were active on and off for the best part of the last thirty years but started working more regularly with their last album Ostrvo Ledenog Kita which was almost completely crowdfunded. To have a talk with Kornel was even more interesting as he shared with us his experiences as a promotor and an ex record label manager working in one of our cult alternative clubs called Močvara.

Delapse (real name Leonard Klaić) is a zagreb based producer who is most active in the ambiental electronic music. As he expressed himself he doesn't look at electronic music in the dance party fashion, he is mostly interested in atmospheres and vibes that comprise a bigger musical image. In his music you can often hear vocal guest appearences from alternative singers who normally don't sing or write electronic music. To mention a few we have Domagoj Šimek from the groove rock heavy band She loves pablo, and Marija Svibanj aka Mary May who mostly sings jazz and blues. Those colaborations put delapse in a very interesting artistic position, one which we will follow in the future.

Kevlar Bikini is a band that started as punkish metal bend around 2010. They've released 4 albums of music during which the band transformed from a 4 piece to a 3 piece and added to their music a lot more groove and punch. From almost a fun punk band they've become a serious band riding the heavy rock wave without losing it's playfulness and manic energy. Their last album called OPT-Outism was released in may 2020 for the croatian label Geenger records.



Šumski (Geenger records)


Mark Mrakovčić (Dostava Zvuka)


Delapse (Dostava Zvuka)


Kevlar Bikini (Geenger Records)


Nemanja (YEM agency)




Mark Mrakovčić – Moneymouth (Breeding Black Sheep - Dostava Zvuka – 2020)

Mark Mrakovčić – Tepesh Blues (Breeding Black Sheep - Dostava Zvuka – 2020)

Nemanja – Lovers (Tarot Funk – YEM agency – 2019)

Šumski – Laguna (Safari - Kekere Aquarium – 1995)

Šumski – Tito (Ronioci – Zvuk Močvare – 2003)

Šumski – Ostrvo ledenog kita (Ostrvo ledenog kita – Geenger records – 2017)

Delapse – Starry Eyes feat Mary May (single – Dostava Zvuka – 2020)

Kevlar Bikini – Ballerina’s toes (Opt-outism – Geenger Records – 2020)



Radio Student from Zagreb, Croatia


Written, mixed and produced by Ivan Kolar and Ivan Vlašić

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