Indie-Re #17 by Radio Študent, Ljubljana

Greetings from the 17th edition of Radio Muse’s show Indie-re, this time hosted by Radio Študent in Ljubljana. The hosts for the following hour of music will be Marijana and Ružica, who will guide you through some of the most exciting new names and releases that have left their mark on the Slovenian music scene in the past few months. In this edition of the show we will spotlight two artists- the audiovisual collective Etceteral and the one-woman band Muzikačaka, who will tell us something more about their projects by themselves. We will also go along with the music of producers and DJs .čunfa and Drone Emoji, who have both released new albums this year. We will present  new material by some more or less new names including the neo soul musician Tschimy, experimental artist Nina Hlebec and bunker pop band Balans, who have announced their upcoming sixth album.

Etceteral is an audiovisual project, which consists of saxophonist Boštjan Simon, drummer Marek Fakuč and visual artist Lina Rica. In September this year the trio released their debut album called Ama-gi, in which they combine jazz elements with modular synthesizers and electronica. Etceteral have found themselves between the chosen names for this year's INES talent program, which provides career opportunities for ambitious artists from different European countries through performing on showcase festivals throughout the continent.

Tschimy is a fresh name on the Slovenian music scene, although he has been an active contributor to it for quite some time now. The young multi instrumentalist, producer and singer is known for being part of the slovenian jazz quintet called Lube Duše and the music collective Spejs. With the release of his debut EP Human OS which came out on Ente Tapes, a record label based in Ljubljana, Tschimy introduced himself as a solo act. His EP Human OS revolves around the neo soul genre, which in this case gets a special touch by lyrics sung in Slovenian. 

Jan Bajc Funa, better known as čunfa is a producer and a DJ, based in Ljubljana, but emerging from the Slovenian coast. The young musician found his inspiration in electronic and experimental hip hop melodies. In the past few years he released several EPs and two albums, from which the last one is named ‘’Missing The Point’’ with whom he returns to collaborate with the Slovenian label rx:tx. The project showcases his curiosity and interest towards different approaches and styles of electronic music.

Sara Korošec is the name that hides behind the one-woman band Muzikačaka, whose music is hard to fit into any genre. The solo project has DIY written all over it - Sara sings, plays the piano, does field recordings of nature sounds, and records and produces all her albums by herself. In May this year she released her fourth album called Povezava in življenje na daljavo, which in translation means Connection and life at a distance, in which she explores the idea of loneliness through a fusion of nature sounds, live instruments and synthetic elements.

Drone emoji is a producer from Ljubljana, his real identity is hidden and on his performances he always has someone else ‘’acting’’ like it’s him, while his real performance is happening from backstage. A few days ago he released his third album named In The Room The Women Come And Go, Talking Of Michelangelo for Slovenian label rx:tx, in which he uses unlikely source material and mixes it with techno and house melodies, that are spiced up with his frisky sense of humor. We will listen to the song Torque Vector.

Balans is a slovenian bunkerpop band whose influences are found in the Slovenian punk scene from the 80s. Last week they released their new single named Uganka, with which they announced their sixth album that will be available on the 11th of November. The album will go by the name ''sam pravm'' and it will be realised by the label KAPA Records.

Nina Hlebec is a Slovenian artist, music journalist and co-founder of the DIY label Cloudchamber Recordings. Her focus is on ambient music and soundscape composition. With the help from DIY label ŠOP Records she released two albums, the first one named 112, while the second album goes by the name of Isodrine and consists of seven 10-minute recordings that document seven consecutive days in May 2020. Each track was recorded in a forest in Ljubljana in the exact same spot at the same time each day.

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