Indie-Re #09 by Radio Corax, Halle

Hello and welcome to the second broadcast of Radio Muse made by Luise and Ben from Radio Corax in Halle in Germany.

Our show of tody is all about electronical music. In that context we visited a local club in Corona times in Halle called „Station Endlos“.

In the second half of the show we present you the label and project „Music of Colour“. We spoke with Ramin, the founder of „Music of Color“. But at first we listen to "Iagwar" a Post Rock and Psychedelic band from Halle. The main style of the Band is the retro garage style. You listen now to the song „The Beatiful“ from the album „Spaces“.

We all want to go to a concert or Club evening, drink a beer or met friends. Ben and I had the pleasure to do so. But we didn't rave at the „Station Endlos“, one of famoust local clubs in Halle. We talked with the founders about the situation of the club and music culture in times of corona. 

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At the first Stream of Station Endlos their was also the DJ Crew Super Flu from Halle. It is not a joke about Corona. Super Flu exist since 2005. Super Flu brought out several Eps and Remixes of underground Techno Songs. Their specialty is to mix up their songs with exotical instruments and kids toys. So they create a new jazzy styles of house music.

You listend to the groovie tune broken samba from the label music of coulour now. We present you an interview with the founder from music of couour Ramin.He will introduce himself.

Thank you Ramin for joining us. We will catch up with Bakr -. He is a Newcomer in the downtempo house scene. He is mixing up electronical music which he learned to love in Germany and with arabic melodies and lyrics which he knows from his Syrian background.

Thanks for tuning in. We had lots of fun in the Show

Now you got a little insight into the electronic scene in Halle and Leipzig. The last song in our show is a track by Tim Schlacker, man he release on the Leipzig based label R.a.n.d. Muzic and this track is called „News“. Our next news will be next month when there will be our show again. Have fun and stay healthy!. 







Duke Hugh


Bakr Birmli


Tim Schlockermann, Salomo, Carmel, Rudolf C



1. Spaces - Iaguwar

2. Arcadia - Lasko

3. Devils in the Dust - Qnete

4. Broken Samba - Duke Hugh

5. Jamm - Bakr Birmli

6. News - RM12004 Tim Schlockermann, Salomo, Carmel, Rudolf C 



Radio Corax Germany



Prepared by  Benjamin Brumme and Luise Grundmann sound mixing by Benjamin Brumme and Luise Grundmann.



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