Intervju z legendo iz Detroita - Jay Denham

V soboto, 14. 6. 2014 prihaja v Slovenijo, na dogodek Oddih na soncu, legenda elektronske glasbe in eden od pionirjev tehna iz Detroita. Pred prihodom v Maribor, smo z njim opravili kratek intervju in med drugim izvedeli tudi kak?na zgodba stoji za komadom "Pride (It's time)" ter kako je pri?el v stik z elektroniko.

Intervju objavljamo v izvirniku, da s prevodom ne izgubi svoje avtenti?nosti.



How did you first get in contact with techno music? 

Well I have been a fan of electronic music since Kraftwerk's album Autobahn. In mid 80's I started making house music,  then I heard Rhythm is Rhythms Nude Photo Record by Derrick May and I quickly moved to producing tracks in the Detroit techno style.

Who was your biggest inspiration when you started producing music? 

I have to say meeting legendary Chicago artist Chip E in the 80's and him introducing me to his productions inspired me as a dj to start making my own music to play out at clubs. But the biggest influence on my productions came from Derrick May, my mentor. He gave me the tools and knowledge to be able to take my music to the next level.

What's the story behind Black Nation Records?

Black Nation was a concept label that I started after being rejected by Peace Frog Records UK and because of the harsh conditions of the racist environment I lived in, that cared little about the underground techno. I had this need to be heard without the restraints of a big labels telling me what kind of music to produce and I wanted to give opportunities to other artist that needed the freedom to express themselves.  With the heavy influence of Detroit Techno and Chicago House music, and Kalamazoo my home town in between, the label has given the world this hybrid sound that is known as funky techno.

We have known you since around the year 2000 when techno music really hit Slovenia. What was your production setup back then? 

My set up was based around my 909 and DX100 and a few old analogue synthesizers and no sampler. A basic set-up for this time.

Which techno artist do you respect most and why?

Adam Beyer. He is the most consistent techno artist and producer that has been around since the beginning. 

In Slovenia people have been wondering about the lyrics of the track ?Pride It?s Time? since it was released. Could you tell us what the lyrics say?

I've been asked that the since the record came out. It goes like this: Black power, white power.. its time for black power! The lyrics came to me one late night in the studio after reading an article about an American athlete that was chased out of a club in Berlin by some skinheads because he was black. So I wanted to make a song about pride, pride for the human race.

What is your favorite non-electronic song and why? 

Rick James' Super Freak! It was the first song I learned on my bass guitar. I used to play this song over and over, my family was begging me to play something else but I love the funk sound. 


The name of the event "Oddih na soncu" in translation means "Relaxing under the sun". What do you like to do to relax?

I find relaxation in making music, but my true peace comes when I spend time with my beautiful woman at the ocean on a sunny beach.

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