MITF#88: Rožava, lekcija 1 - demokratična avtonomija in osvoboditev žensk (v angleščini)

MariborIsTheFuture 88: Rojava, lection 1 - Democratic Autonomy and Liberation of Women


The topic of the 88th podcast MariborIsTheFuture, made by the art community GT22, is the liberation movement and revolution in Rojava, the northern Kurdish region of Syria. The discussion evolved around the alternative political system the citizens of Rojava developed on the basis of self-governance and direct democracy. And the liberation of women, which is a crucial part of the social revolution in this area.

> Petra Meterc, film critic and translator of the book Revolution in Rojava
> Anja Zalta, professor of sociology at the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana
> Marta Gregorčič, sociologist and researcher of liberation movements around the world
> Beliban zu Stolberg, researcher at the project Potential States


Moderator: Žiga Brdnik
Sound: Boštjan Eržen

> Web-link to lection 2

> Web-link to lection 1

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Thanks for the support and help to: Arne Zupančič, Petra Meterc, Fundation Sonda, City of Women, Radio YoureUp, community GT22, City Municipality of Maribor, Radio MARŠ for airing.

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