MITF#56: Baskovska poezija na Festivalu Pranger

Pranger is an international festival of poets, critics and translators, which is unique in its focus on reflection and translation of poetry. Last year it focused also on Basque language (Euskara) and hosted two internationally renowned writers, translators and literary critics Juan Kruz Igerabide and Beñat Sarasola. When they visited Maribor, we invited them and the Slovenian translator Barbara Pregelj to an interesting debate on language, translation and poetry in our studio at YoureUp Radio in GT22, Maribor.

Juan Kruz Igerabide: Juan Kruz Igerabide (born 24 March 1956, Aduna) is a writer who has published many works aimed at children and young people, but his literary career began with the adult literature. Originally he published a collection of poems for adults, titled Notre-Dameko oihartzunak (1984) which was followed Bizitzarekin solasean (1989), Sarean leiho (1994) and Mailu isila (2002) for which he received the Critics of Spain Award. He received the National Spanish Award for children literature in 2018 for his book Abezedario titirijario.

Beñat Sarasola: Beñat Sarasola was born in 1984 in San Sebastian. He graduated from philosophy at the Basque University, and from comparative literature and literary theory at the University of Barcelona. For his doctoral dissertation on modern aesthetics, he received the University of Barcelona Award. He is a poet, translator, lecturer and literary critic, who critically collaborates with various Basque literary magazines and publications. For his critical publications in Berria, he received the Rikard Arregi award. He translated Nemesis, a novel by Philip Roth, into Basque. In 2007, his first collection of Empty Boxes was published, and in 2009, Žito. Some of his poems were translated into Slovene by poet Katja Gorečan as part of the Živa književnost festival.

Barbara Pregelj: Translator and culture promoter Barbara Pregelj is assistant professor at the University of Nova Gorica. She has wide translating experience; she translates mostly from Spanish to Slovenian and also from Catalan and Galician language, and also from Slovenian into Spanish. Her translation biography consists of more than 40 books translated into Slovenian and 8 books translated into Spanish. She is also a permanent sworn interpreter for the Spanish language. Her research is related to the literary canon, and also to different aspects of the reception of Spanish literature in Slovenian literature, Slovenian literature in Spanish speaking countries, traductological problems as well as literary interpretation.


Moderator: Žiga Brdnik
Sound: Boštjan Eržen

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