IndieRE #95 by Radio Helsinki, Graz

Welcome to Radio Helsinki's IndieRE radio broadcast. This episode is your passport to the rich tapestry of Austrian indie music. From whimsical humor to rebellious spirits, our playlist spans genres like punk, electro, and hip hop. Each track encapsulates the diverse sounds that define Austria's indie scene. No need for elaborate intros – just let the music guide you through the unmistakable Austrian »Schmäh«. Immerse yourself in this sonic journey, experiencing the essence of Austrian indie vibes across various styles. Bussi und Baba!


Featured artists/producers and labels:

Felix Kramer: web | instagram
Phat Penguin Records (label): web
Anda Morts: instagram
Mom I Made It (label): web | instagram
Bipolar Feminin: instagram
Wiener Planquadrat: instagram
Iptamenos Discos (label): bandcamp
Endless Wellness: instagram
Ink Music (label): instagram
Spilif: instagram
unserallereins (label): web
Die Buben im Pelz: instagram
Konkord (label): bandcamp | instagram
Sigrid Horn: instagram
Julia Lacherstorfer: instagram
Bader Molden Recordings (label): web
Euroteuro: instagram
Siluh Records (label): web | instagram
Granada: web | instagram



01 Felix Kramer – Deine Gründe (3:19) (Wie schön das Leben is, Phat Penguin Records, 2023)
02 Anda Morts – Deine Nummer (2:53) (single, Mom I Made It, 2023)
03 Bipolar Feminin – Sie reden so laut (2:27) (Ein fragiles System, Buback Tonträger, 2023)
04 Wiener Planquadrat – Ein weites Feld (6:01) (single, Iptamenos Discos, 2023)
05 Endless Wellness – Hand im Gesicht (3:189 (single, Ink Music, 2023)
06 Spilif – I Quit (2:12) (irgendetwas das du liebst, unserallereins, 2023)
07 Die Buben im Pelz – Die Wüdn (4:06) (Verwandler, Konkord, 2023)
08 Sigrid Horn, Julia Lacherstorfer – morgen (4:26) (Paradies, Bader Molden Recordings, 2023)
09 Euroteuro – W.S.D.S. (3:10) (Volume III, Siluh Records, 2023)
10 Granada – Ottakring (4:45) (Live auf den Kasematten, RCA Local, 2023)


Produced by Radio Helsinki, Graz, Austria.
Prepared, announced and mixed by Lilly Jagl.
Design by Jure Anžiček.

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