IndieRE #93 by Radio Študent, Ljubljana

Welcome to the 93rd edition of IndieRE, the Independent European Radio exchange Network Radio Show. This episode is hosted by Marko and Dušan from Radio Študent in Ljubljana, Slovenia, and today we'll be listening to the garage sounds of Uryan, indietronica beats by producer Blaž, who we've also interviewed, the mind bending breakcore of Blaž Božič a.k.a. SsmKOSK, the first album by the funky-pop young force Masaž and wrap up the show with the fusion of ethno and jazz by the Petra Onderuf Quartet.


Featured artists/producers and labels:

Uryan: bandcamp | youtube | facebook | instagram
Zarš (label): web | bandcamp | soundcloud | youtube | facebook
Blaž: web | bandcamp | soundcloud | youtube | facebook | instagram
Beton Records (label): bandcamp | soundcloud | facebook
SsmKOSK: soundcloud | youtube | facebook
Zvočni prepihi (label): bandcamp | facebook
Masaž: soundcloud | youtube | facebook | instagram
Petra Onderuf Quartet: web | bandcamp | youtube | instagram



01 Uryan – Magic Typewriter [2:53] (Vol. 1, Zarš, 2023)
02 Blaž – Soup [2:43] (Are You A Player, Beton Records, 2023)
03 Blaž – Rust [4:32] (Are You A Player, Beton Records, 2023)
04 SsmKOSK – zbiral so se pred avtomatom [6:12] (610a: notranji petki, Zvočni prepihi, 2023)
05 Masaž – Preprosto [2:39] (3D ritmi, self-released, 2023)
06 Petra Onderuf Quartet – Dete [5:32] (On the roof, self-released, 2023)


Produced by Radio Študent, Slovenia.
Prepared, announced by Marko Miočić and Dušan Bulajić. Sound mixing by Luka Seliškar.
Design by Jure Anžiček.

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