IndieRE #92 by Radiom, Castres, France

Today’s broadcast is featuring artists of very different genres. We’ll listen to the universe and music of Michel Thor (Noailhac), Snail (Toulouse), and Corentin Grellier (Lautrec). Of course they all share their independent production and way of seeing their music. Most of all, our presenters express their feeling about these found artists during their tour around Occitanie in their search for authenticity.


Featured artists/producers and labels:

Michel Thor: bandcamp
Ascèse Records (label): bandcamp
Snail: soundcloud
Corentin Grellier: bandcamp
La Belle Équipe (label): bandcamp



01 Michel Thor – Edinburgh (Ascèse Records)
02 Michel Thor – Nantes (Ascèse Records)
03 Snail – Cutting Night (Auto production)
04 Corentin Grellier – Funambule (La Belle Équipe)


Produced by Radiom, Castres, France.
Anika Teufel, Vilja Henriika and Viktorija Vaitkunstkaite, with the help of Nicolas Baron.
Design by Jure Anžiček.

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