IndieRE #91 by Near FM, Dublin

In this edition of IndieRE by Near FM, immerse yourself in the latest musical offerings from across the island of Ireland.

The musical journey begins with Pillow Queens, an Irish indie rock band from Dublin, formed in 2016. Same city of an emerging artist, Rudy, a.k.a. Rudy Anna Kelly. We are going to the marginalized areas in Northern Ireland where Mo Chara, Móglaí Bap, and DJ Próvaí created the music project Kneecap that combines Irish and English, satire and socially conscious lyrics, and reality and absurdity.

Next up is the spirited quartet Problem Patterns, proudly identified as four shouty queers crafting songs that encapsulate the current moment. Alanah, Bethany, Bev, and Ciara, formed the band in 2018, introducing a genre they coined as PUNK—a blend of shouty, heavy, tongue-in-cheek, inclusive, hopeful, and fun elements.

Our musical journey takes us to Cork, Spain, and West London, guided by the versatile Jessica Smyth, known as Biig Piig. An artist fluent in both English and Spanish, Biig Piig has lived in Ireland, Spain, and the UK. Switching gears, we delve into the political realm with Captain Moonlight's poignant song, I Want To Fight The Taoiseach, addressing the Irish Prime Minister.

Returning to Cork, we explore the rock fusion sounds of City Weezle, a band founded in Paris by Irishman Simon Fleury. Their demos, City Weezle (2006) and The Leprechaun (2008), mark their prominence in the French/Irish/European underground fusion scene.

This episode showcases the incredible diversity and influence of Ireland's independent music sector, offering a rich tapestry of creative output.


Featured artists/producers and labels:

Pillow Queens: web | facebook | instagram
Rudy: instagram
Fya Fox: facebook | instagram
Kneecap: web | facebook | instagram
Valerie Rose: facebook | instagram
Problem Patterns: facebook | instagram
Biig Piig: facebook | instagram
Captain Moonlight: instagram
Loop Heavy: instagram
City Weezle: facebook | instagram



01 Pillow Queens – Suffer
02 Rudy – Lily pad
03 Fya Fox – Duvet Day
04 Kneecap – Better Way To Live
05 Valerie Rose – September
06 Problem Patterns – Pity Bra
07 Biig Piig – Watch Me
08 Captain Moonlight – I Want To Fight The Taoiseach
09 Loop Heavy – Saint
10 City Weezle – Maryjane


Produced by Near FM, Dublin.
Prepared, announced and mixed by Patrick Domanico.
Design by Jure Anžiček.

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