IndieRE #83 by Near FM, Dublin

In this edition of IndieRE from Near FM we hear the latest music from across the island of Ireland. The journey in Irish music this week starts with the unique The Eskies' sound that blends sea soaked waltz and Italian tarantella. Chilli Flake will bring us to the lovely town of Grangecon in Wicklow County in order to enjoy a bit of trip-hop music. A bit of breath of hip hop fresh air from Waterford thanks to the 21-year-old drummer/rapper Alex Gough.

Also from the South of Ireland, Cork, James Keegan will sing about love for family and friends. We also hear some rock music produced by NewDad, from Galway, with the new single Angel, a song inspired by the TV show Euphoria. This episode highlights the immense influence and variety of the independent music sector in Ireland's creative output, among many other things.


Featured artists/producers and labels:

The Eskies: instagram
Chilli Flake: instagram | facebook
Madretsma: instagram | facebook
Michael Fry: instagram
Essiray: instagram
Booka Brass Band: instagram
Alex Gough: facebook
James Keegan: instagram
Gypsies on the Autobahn: instagram
Happyalone.: soundcloud
Valerie Rose: instagram | facebook
Donna Dunne: web | facebook
NewDad: web | instagram



01 The Eskies – Fever
02 Chilli Flake – Cosmic Boogie
03 Madretsma – Are You Proud of Yourself Doris?
04 Michael Fry – The Toy Man
05 Essiray – Crush
06 Booka Brass Band – Talk Dirty
07 Alex Gough – Dear SJ
08 James Keegan – Love Grows Easy
09 Gypsies on the Autobahn – Hidden
10 Happyalone. – colours
11 Valerie Rose – September
12 Donna Dunne – Voodoo
13 NewDad – Angel


Produced by Near FM, Dublin.
Prepared, announced and mixed by Patrick Domanico.
Design by Jure Anžiček.

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