Indie-Re #02 by Radio Študent, Ljubljana

Druga oddaja serije Indie-Re v okviru projekta Radiomuse.


Your hosts for this edition of Radiomuse Andrej and Luka will guide you through a line of local artists and talk about a very special festival. They will spotlight a local supergroup - the unique art rock band Svojat; and the Anglo-Slovene musical trio called Kreda with their fresh leftfield trip-hop EP. Keeping them company will be a jazz saxophone player, an ingenious and adept musician Boštjan Simon with his quintet There Be Monsters. The show will also present three bands who performed at this year’s edition of Festival Ment in Ljubljana – the dream pop band Futurski, the party brass band Pantaloons and some nonconventional rock vibes from Body Says No.


The four musicians in the band Body Says No are known from other bands ranging from free jazz, poetic folk and synth rock and are thus well known by the slovenian audience for alternative rock. While we are waiting for their debut album, which we hope to be released this year, High Quality Guiltis a song from their last EP.

The first interview of the show presents the art rock band Svojat and we play song Ljubavbav from their debut album released in 2020.

The quintet There be Monsters is a band under the leadership of the saxophone player Boštjan Simon. Being active in many non-conventional bands like the contemporary jazz band Velkro, synth rock band TRUS! and the forward thinking audio-visual jazz ensemble Container Doxa, Boštjan Simon has proven to be one of the most innovative and exceptional slovenian musicians.

Kreda is an anglo-slovene trip hop project we tolked with in the second interview.

The Ljubljana based Festival Ment released a vinyl compilation this year. This year was the six edition of this festival, which is gaining more and more international attention, because the festival is based in a relatively small and reachable capital city (moving around in Ljubljana is quite easy) and besides that - the organisers have found the right recipe to attact the attention of a wider-than-usual audience not only in Ljubljana, but in the wider balkan region. Each year they also release a compilation of local artists performing at the festival.

Futurski is a Ljubljana based quartet that forms a palette of synthetic colours, driven by melancholic vocal melodies, dreamy synths and guitars.

Pantaloons is a trio from the slovenian coast. They play some interesting stuff, playing electronic music with brass and wind instruments in the style of the bands from the contemporary urban london jazz scene. Last year they were also a part of the 19th edition of the Club Marathon, a once-a-year competition held by Radio Študent. Pantaloons also performed in Kino Šiška at this years edition of Festival Ment.



Body Says No


There be Monsters




Festival Ment



01. Body Says No – High Quality Guilt (3:29) (EP 3 songs; selfreleased, 2018)

02. Svojat - Ljubavbav (5:16) (album Svojat; ZARŠ Records, 2020)

03. Boštjan Simon There Be Monsters - MMMM (4:47) (album The Ark; Klopotec, 2019)

04. Kreda - Emotional Tides (5:57) (EP Crest; Nature Scene Records, 2020)

05. Futurski – Badass (4:13) (EP Emotional Turist; selfreleased, 2019)

06. Pantaloons – Volkulja (3:58) (album Klubski maraton 2019; ZARŠ Records, 2019)


Radio Študent (, Slovenija

prepared by Andrej Pervanje, Luka Seliškar; sound mixing by Samo Pavlica Linč; announced by Andrej Pervanje, Luka Seliškar

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