Plemenito poslanstvo: izpostaviti lokalno indie in urbano glasbeno produkcijo in jo po mreži neodvisnih radiev poslati po Evropi.

Serija Indie-Re v okviru projekta Radiomuse predstavlja sodelovanje štirih neodvisnih evropskih radijskih postaj: ljubljanskega Radia Študent, Radia Popolare di Milano, francoske mreže Radio Campus in Radia Corax iz Halleja v Nemčiji.

Radio Študent, 2. 4. 2022 02:13, IndieRE

In this edition of IndieRe, Radio Student from Zagreb, Croatia brings you a fresh selection of artist that have been active through the quarantine period. As a special feature we had an interview with Kornel Šeper, the bassist of the experimental band Šumski, but not only that, he is a promotor, concert organizer and an ex record label manager. He currently works in one of our most prominent clubs in Zagreb called Močvara. We also presented some distinguished artists such as Mark Mrakovčić, Delapse, Kevlar Bikini and Nemanja.

Radio Študent, 26. 3. 2022 02:50, IndieRE

Greetings from the 17th edition of Radio Muse’s show Indie-re, this time hosted by Radio Študent in Ljubljana. The hosts for the following hour of music will be Marijana and Ružica, who will guide you through some of the most exciting new names and releases that have left their mark on the Slovenian music scene in the past few months. In this edition of the show we will spotlight two artists- the audiovisual collective Etceteral and the one-woman band Muzikačaka, who will tell us something more about their projects by themselves.

Radio Študent, 18. 3. 2022 19:56, IndieRE

Welcome to Radio Muse !

Today it's the turn of Radio Grenouille, from Marseille, a member of the French Radio Campus network.

Five musical projects from the Marseille scene will be presented during this hour. By my side in the studio, are two pillars of the Marseille jazz scene, saxophonist Uli Wolters, and pianist and multi-instrumentalist Cyril Benhamou.

Radio Študent, 13. 3. 2022 14:56, IndieRE

In this edition of Indie-Re, Radio Corax from Halle will intruduce you to the Punk, Post Punk and 80s influenced band scene of east Germany. Special guest is the band DAS DAS from Berlin. 

We also Interviewed Irene a local activist in the DJ scene of Halle, she is a member of the Female DJ collective Djvercity and we will discuss the disadvantages in the local club Culture.

Also we will present you music of Dog Flippers, Alu, KNDNSTR, and lots of new released tracks.



Radio Študent, 5. 3. 2022 08:43, IndieRE

On this episode of Indie-Re, Radio Popolare, an italian radio based in Milan, wants to introduce you two italian rappers, Dutch Nazari and Willie Peyote.

Matteo Villaci and Margherita Devalle spent some time talking with Dutch Nazari, a rapper from Camposampiero, near Padua in the east north of Italy. Dutch, whose real name is Edoardo, was born in 1989 and started playing in 2016. At first he played alone but soon decided to form a band deciding to use real instruments instead of using a DJ or digital tracks alone.


Radio Študent, 26. 2. 2022 09:35, IndieRE

Hi everyone, you are listening to RADIOMUSE, an exchange program between european radio stations from all acrossEurope : from Slovenia, Germany, Italy and France. This program, initiated in 2019 returns with a new name: Radio muse indieRE - Independent Radio Exchange.

Radio Študent, 19. 2. 2022 08:43, IndieRE

Hello and welcome to Radio Muse ! Here is Viviane and Astrid and the show is produced by radio campus Orléans. Although everyone probably knows, it's always useful to recap : Radio Muse is a musical program produced by 3 radios and one radio network. Radio Student Lubjana, Radio Orange in Vienna radio Campus France and Radio Student in Zaghreb. The program is supported by the European Union. All artists we're going to promote are from Orléans, which is a quite dynamic city musically speaking,  although it is very near from Paris.

Radio Študent, 12. 2. 2022 01:10, IndieRE

Our 11th Broadcast of IndieRE is coming from Vienna and Orange 94.0 is introducing you to some electronic musicfrom Austria. You will be introduced to three artists that constantly oscillate between dance floor music and acousmatic improvisation, music by three women that are trailblazers in many ways. This three are Chra, Electric Indigo – we will also hear an interview with her – and Irradiation.

Radio Študent, 4. 2. 2022 01:08, IndieRE

On this episode of Indie-Re, Gianpiero Kesten from Radio Popolare will introduce you to the band I Gini Paoli and to the indie artist Belvedere, who made an album through his phone only during lockdown.   

I Gini Paoli


• 2020 - Amargados   (EP, I Gini Paoli)


Radio Študent, 29. 1. 2022 07:40, IndieRE

Hello and welcome to the second broadcast of Radio Muse made by Luise and Ben from Radio Corax in Halle in Germany.

Our show of tody is all about electronical music. In that context we visited a local club in Corona times in Halle called „Station Endlos“.