Plemenito poslanstvo: izpostaviti lokalno indie in urbano glasbeno produkcijo in jo po mreži neodvisnih radiev poslati po Evropi.

Serija Indie-Re v okviru projekta Radiomuse predstavlja sodelovanje štirih neodvisnih evropskih radijskih postaj: ljubljanskega Radia Študent, Radia Popolare di Milano, francoske mreže Radio Campus in Radia Corax iz Halleja v Nemčiji.

Uredništvo, 3. 11. 2023 14:40, IndieRE

Mellow sounds with gloomy overtones, blurring the frontier between the organic and the synthetic. This is how you could describe a certain slice of Paris' contemporary musical underground, spearheaded by DIY producers and leftfield labels alike. This episode of IndieRE, produced by Radio Campus Paris in collaboration with Planisphère, shines light where darkness lingers, namely in the music of Morfine, Didem Coskunseven and the duo Omer.

Uredništvo, 27. 10. 2023 12:46, IndieRE

In this edition of IndieRE from Near FM we hear the latest music from across the island of Ireland. The journey in Irish music this week starts with the unique The Eskies' sound that blends sea soaked waltz and Italian tarantella. Chilli Flake will bring us to the lovely town of Grangecon in Wicklow County in order to enjoy a bit of trip-hop music. A bit of breath of hip hop fresh air from Waterford thanks to the 21-year-old drummer/rapper Alex Gough.

Uredništvo, 27. 10. 2023 12:43, IndieRE

This IndieRE show is hosted by Radio Corax in Halle, Germany. At first, Lena gathers some Halle and Leipzig based bands together (Lafff Box, St.upid) and gets to know one of them (Two Boys) better by asking a few questions. Apart from that, we'll discover some more newcoming and young-at-heart bands from Cologne (Smile) and Berlin (Yfory, Yelka). Speaking of Berlin – the center of all different kinds of music and arts –, we'll have a look at the independent music label Staatsakt that celebrates its 20th birthday!

Uredništvo, 13. 10. 2023 12:41, IndieRE

In the #81 episode of the IndieRE broadcast by Radio Student from Zagreb we're presenting the new album called Jezero by the Zagreb singer-songwriter Nina Romić, which we learned more about in a conversation with the artist herself. The show also features the music made by Seine – one of the bands that played the key role in developing the sound of Zagreb alternative scene, which, with their specific approach, shape a unique expression of alternative contemporary electro-punk, last year published an album called Naizust.

Uredništvo, 6. 10. 2023 12:31, IndieRE

Welcome to the 80thedition of IndieRE, Sonia Morales and Rafa Sánchez are your hosts again for this Radio Show. They stand by technician Nuria González from Onda Local de Andalucía (EMA-RTV) in Andalucía, Spain. The show starts with the unclassifiable music of Space Surimi and the experimental mix between folklore and electronic of Pirámide. This time, our interview is with Álvaro Gastmans, guitar and voice from Hairy Nipples. He tells us about his garage blues music, his last album, Gaslighting, and his point of view about Spanish underground scene.

Uredništvo, 29. 9. 2023 12:30, IndieRE

Hello, Radio Helsinki from Graz in Austria calling! In this episode of our radio exchange we presenting the cream of the crop of Austria’s subculture music scene. We kick things off with the latest punk sensation from Graz – Hase! Things stay wild as we move on to a segment hosted by Clemens. He’ll be introducing the two latest releases from his label Grazil Records – Chorosia and Caloris Impact. After that we’ll dive into the realm of rap and hip hop with Bex and Kitana. Cousins Like Shit caught our hearts by storm with their avant-trash sounds.

Uredništvo, 22. 9. 2023 12:29, IndieRE

Musically, the next IndieRE radio show will be a very diverse show, just like Hungarian music. The Hungarian up-and-coming artists have not rested this summer, constantly bringing out new songs for the audience. We start the show with some more rock music from Magidom and Kisbetűs Hétköznapok, followed by some special world music from Chillum Trio. There will also be some jazz, a preview of the Balatorium project and a taste of Eszter Takáts' latest album.


Featured artists/producers and labels:

Uredništvo, 15. 9. 2023 12:28, IndieRE

Radio Študent from Ljubljana, the capital city of Slovenia, is a 50-year old student radio station, still dedicated to promoting alternative music. This broadcast is a radio show brought to you by a network of eight partners as a part of the project IndieRE, in which we are covering and sharing the news about new releases of local quality non-mainstream music.

Uredništvo, 8. 9. 2023 12:27, IndieRE

For this episode of the IndieRE series, second-year students from the Information and Communication studies department at the University of Tours got together in partnership with Radio Campus Tours to bring you a round-up of some known and some less known artists from the Tours region in France. Better known for its wine and its châteaux, but did you also know that the region has quite a vibrant music scene?

Uredništvo, 1. 9. 2023 12:23, IndieRE

In this edition of IndieRE from Near FM we hear the latest music from across the island of Ireland. With an emphasis on experimental electronic music we hear from Spooklet, coolgirl, Natalia Beylis and Northern Irish duo Saint Sister, who fuse traditional Irish influences with synthesisers. Also from Northern Ireland Gender Chores take down the patriarchy with their up-front punk rock.